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Did My Milk Just Come In or…

…did I read that the IRS finally decided to treat breastfeeding supplies (pumps, pads, etc.) as allowable  medical expenses?!

*looks down at dry shirt*

Nope–looks like it’s true!


Wow!  I am impressed!  As a BF advocate, I thought it would be another few years before the IRS came around on this.  I must say I’m stoked, and not just because I need a new pump!  This means that you can either deduct breastfeeding equipment/supplies as a medical expense when you file your taxes, or you can be reimbursed out of a flex spending account (if you have no idea what that is then fuhgeddaboudit) for the cost.  This rewrite of the code is a hallelujah to anyone who has ever had to shell a couple hundy outfor a decent pump to go back to work, ensure proper nutrition for their child, and duck  the Leaky Boob Fairy.  This little change allows families to do that without breaking the bank, thereby giving a little financial security in insecure times.  I, personally, find it nice that other nursing supplies are included in this deduction adjust–ahh, the money I could have gotten back nursing pads alone…

This is one of a few recent legislative/policy shifts that signal the government might finally be serious about protecting, promoting, and supporting breastfeeding families.   Given the disparities and social stigma still attached, it’s nice to see the recent stall in breastfeeding support start moving again in the right direction.  To moms, it says, “Hey, you’re doing great and, even though your insurance companies are dicks that won’t cover your equipment,  we’ve got your back.’

I like that feeling.

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